Server Changes

Due to performance problems, portions of the ComeauOnline website have been removed permanently. Plans are in the works to create a forum for the Minecraft server so players can leave messages for each other.

Advocating for Disabilities

One of my main passions is advocating for disability rights.

  • The Autism Awareness Walk

    I attended and helped with the yearly Autism Awareness Walks, the main fundraising event for the Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts.

  • The Youth Leadership Network

    I am the Youth Leadership Network Worcester Facilitator. I help spread the word about the Worcester meetings.

  • At City Hall in Boston

    I went to City Hall in Boston for the celebration of the passage of the ADA, a monumental disability rights legislation. There, I met the Mayor of Boston, which has been a lifelong dream of mine.

  • At the State House in Boston

    I went to the State House in Boston for an Assistive Technology day, where I spoke about how Assistive Technology has helped me in my life and even how most people depend on it every day.

  • The Youth Leadership Forum

    I attended the 2013 Youth Leadership Forum, where I was privileged to mentor young leaders in the disability rights movement.

  • Autism Awareness Day

    I went to the State House for Autism Awareness Day and spoke about the unique challenges for an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Autism Camp

    I volunteered my time at Autism Camp to help families and individuals dealing with Autism.

  • At Fenway Park in Boston

    I attended the signing of the Autism Insurance Bill (ARICA) at Fenway Park, and met the governor for a photo op.

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